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Hello, my name is Alia Raffia. I am a Creative Director and Digital Curator.


After working in world-class museums and art galleries in the UK over the last ten years, I have decided to embark on a new adventure and continue my passion for arts and culture in Dubai. This is a space to share the best of the art world across the UAE, experienced by me, especially curated for you.


Growing up in the UK, I regularly visited museums and galleries looking for art I could be inspired by. I was interested in how and what museums and galleries considered as ‘art’ worthy to collect or exhibit. I decided to explore this further through education and completed my BA in Heritage Studies at The University of Manchester, which is a combination of Art History and Archaeology. I then pursued an MA in Art Galleries and Museum Studies and trained as a Curator in Modern & Contemporary art.


In my spare time, I enjoy painting. My work is influenced by the Mughal Miniature tradition, with my own perspective, creating imagined landscapes using vivid colours.


I am so grateful for everyone who joins me on the adventure. Your love and support is such a blessing, so thank you all from the very bottom of my heart.


With love,


Alia Raffia

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