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Kiko Camacho:– Into the Delta

This colorful exhibition at The Foundry in Downtown Dubai features five paintings which capture Kico's artistic and personal journey as he reflects on the Argentinian waterways he knew so well.

Camacho’s paintings transmit a sensation of speed and motion, and invite us to become an active part of the landscape. Although Kico Camacho’s paintings belong to the abstract tradition, they suggest a bird’s eye view of the vast expanses of land below, followed by rivers and enriched by the vegetation. I found myself mesmerized by this exciting and unfamiliar world.

The exhibition encourages us to reflect on the destructive impact of plastic pollution and climate change. His use of colour creates a sense of ambiguity; are the vivid blues and pinks a response to the vibrancy of the birds and water or are they the tones of washed-up plastic? Do his black brushstrokes add to the sense of light and shade or point more directly to the pollution spilling out from major cities? By blurring the lines between the industrial and natural world, Kico challenges us to reflect.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1948, Kico Camacho, has lived and worked in several countries of Latin America, the United States and Italy. He has made Madrid his home since the early 1980s.

Throughout an artistic career that has flowed in consonance with his life experience, he has sought to understand space not only as a “concept” but also as a “place”, where both matter and void can be embraced. Kiko Camacho thus moves between the abstract and the concrete, between what is intuited and what is planned.

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